Lessons in a cave

I discovered spelunking last summer.  Well, actually someone else discovered it and named it; I just discovered that I enjoy doing it, and I think the name is quirky and a lot more intriguing than button collecting or cow tipping.   The caves we explored were not part of a vast underground maze, nor were they adorned with spectacular stalactites and stalagmites, but they were rugged and fascinating.  In the portion that was accessible only with a guide, there were several delicate calcite formations protruding from the ceiling, clinging to the walls, and spilling over mounds of rock.  Creationists and evolutionists would definitely disagree on exactly how long it took for them to form, but there is no doubt that they did not appear overnight.  It was a process.  Progress was measured one drop of water at a time.

We proceeded several meters down into the narrow crevice of the cave, our headlamps serving as the advance guard to warn us of slippery rocks beneath us and sections of untouchable calcite beside us.  The guide purposefully wanted to get us as far from the opening as possible so we could turn our lights off and experience the eeriness of absolute darkness.  Although this was not my first “lights out” experience within a cave, the totality of the darkness still left an indelible impression on me.

Later as I reflected back on my little spelunking adventure, I was struck by the thought that the development of the delicate calcite formations within the cave was in no way dependant on man’s ability to observe their progress.  They grew in absolute darkness long before the cave and its treasures were ever discovered – unseen and unobserved by human eyes.  God’s creative hand was continually at work in the obscurity of the dark- slowly, gently, and carefully forming these fragile structures.

There have been times over the past year when I have found myself in places so beyond my understanding and so seemingly hopeless that a sense of absolute darkness enclosed my world.  Yet, in the midst of it all, God was still at work.  Even when all I could see was the blackness, He still was forming His character in me, orchestrating His will in ways far beyond my clouded vision, giving wisdom and strength to face impossible situations.

I have grown in my awareness of how absolutely sovereign God is.

How many other dark and unseen places within our world are being patiently transformed by God’s love and grace?


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