The Punctuation of Grief

Question marks…
Abundant, repetitive, enveloping
Try to push them aside
But they demand, scream… cry
Living in the question marks…
messy, uncomfortable, restless
rarely brings answers
never brings acceptance
Stop movement, end a thought.
Or a life.
So final.
Always an ending.
Never a beginning.
Living in the periods…
emphasizes the end, the loss
feels like despair
stops processes of healing
Suggest more, an orderly connection
From this place to another,
A pause for breath
Before moving on, moving forward
Living in the commas…
recognizes possibilities
signals more to come
evokes hopefulness
Exclamation marks…
Denote strong emotion
Not always positive- anger, yelling
But also wonder, amazement,
Joy, excitement, admiration
Living in the exclamation marks…
recaptures the wonder of a life,
of living,
of knowing the Creator of life
who never ceases to give cause
for wonder, for thankfulness
His mercies are new every morning!

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