40 weeks completed…

The journey I have been forced to embark upon has caused me to re-evaluate many aspects of my life. Sometimes it is about priorites and what really matters in the face of the realities of life and death. Sometimes it is just about managing the day-to-day moments so that purpose and meaning are not swallowed up by joy-thiefs and peace-robbers. Coping with daily life often resembles a very narrow path along a razor-sharp ridge. Balance and focus have become necessary skills.
One of the things I have tried to do is find space in my life as a parent, wife of a pastor, and high school teacher for creativity and rest. The demands of the past years have meant that my coloured pencils have sat, neatly divided into colour groupings in matching coloured mugs, waiting for snippets of time and inspiration. Inner pain has a way of pushing us towards things that calm and soothe… and so the pencils tugged at my spirit. I made a resolution to draw one small 4×6 picture every week for a year as part of the healing process and the ongoing challenge of balancing an amputeed life. I just finished week 40. Only 12 weeks to go, and I find myself feeling rather sad that I am so close to the end of my project. I can not say that I actually like each picture; in fact, some are quite artistically awful. But I so enjoyed creating them. Washes of sky and cloud, burnishings of sunrise and leaf, gradients of skin and field, lines of tree and mountain…such infintesimal reflections of the artistry of the Creator of Creators. But each one in some way echoes the song of my heart… it is well with my soul.







2 thoughts on “40 weeks completed…”

  1. Charis,

    Your writing tugs at my soul and inspires me. Thank-you for sharing so vulnerably. Would you consider sharing pictures of your weekly drawings, or perhaps just a few? your writing is poetic so I find myself checking back frequently wanting to read more of those soothing yet profound and challenging words. I think of you often and remember to pray for you.



    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement Katharina, and for your prayer. It means more more than you know. I have thought of posting some of the pictures, just haven’t gotten that far yet!


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