Where past and future meet…

I sit here on a ridge overlooking a new year, but rather than peering into the mists of a future yet undisclosed, I look back upon the laborious climb that brought me to this place. Although many events, situations, people, and emotions stand out from the everyday routines of life that glue the passing of a year into one coherent whole, I am drawn to reflect most specifically on the presence of God in the midst of the complexities of life. I have sought to live this past year with a deeper thankfulness and gratitude for all things; all of life is a gift and God’s hand of blessing is so very evident. Blessing, however, does not mean absence of hurt, disappointment, or disillusionment, and thankfulness does not erase or even necessarily mitigate them; it simply means that God can still be found even in those moments. When God meets us in those deserted places we find that He is ever-sufficient, that “our lived experience in this world, no matter how mundane or seemingly trivial, no matter how awful and dark, no matter how joy-filled and hopeful open a door to the presence of God. Nothing is excluded from telling the story of who we are and of how God is at work in the events of our lives.” (Margaret Manning)
And so my story continues into another chapter marked by the passing of a unit of time we call a year. I have many questions about the days and weeks ahead and those questions seem to march hand-in-hand with anxiety, fear, and weariness. One of the greatest encouragements to my spirit is the knowledge that God not only knows my questions, but He already knows the answers. Seeing God at work in all of life also means trusting that the large purposes of God come down to those particulars that are the ebb and flow of daily living. Oh, for grace to trust Him more…

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