Saturday’s Caesura

I had to text someone this morning and she responded in classic “textese” – words reduced to single letters, entire phrases compressed into acronyms. While the message was still decipherable, it spoke to me of how we live life at times: truncated to what is simplest and most expedient. We are driven at such a pace that we gloss over vowels, drop seemingly unnecessary consonants, and hope that somehow our lives still make sense. “Live life to the fullest” becomes our mantra and we completely miss the deep irony of how we long for a full, rich life while we systematically eliminate the very things that make it so. We settle for the abbreviation, the amputation, and the acronym when we could have the perfect word, the full sentence, or the entire paragraph rich with sensory imagery and nuances of deep meaning.

Maybe we need to slow down. Spell it out. Speak thought-full. Savour moments rather than rush through them on our way to the Next Big Thing. Stop amputating the truly valuable in exchange for the expedient. Live fully.

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Caesura”

  1. I also agree that we tend to abbreviate, shorten, and lessen our lives. However, as I really do not know how to text properly, when I am called upon to do it, I struggle to find the right keys, do not know how to puntuatie or capitalize. I’m afraid that this English teacher has pathetic texting!


    1. It is hard to be a wordsmith when we feel like we are “all thumbs”!
      Life isn’t easy and our faltering and fumbling for the “right keys” is often a legitimate reflection of the fact that each new day is uncharted territory…
      And then there are things in life that so deeply rob us of words, that maybe all we can eke out are those amputated versions of our soul’s inner cry.


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