Saturday Caesura: Impossible?

For years I have been drawn to images of life in hard places.

Flowers embedded in rock. Trees sprouting from minute pockets of soil.  Life clinging to cliffs.

Resilient reminders that impossible circumstances do not necessarily result in impossibility.

Jasper 2010 177Jasper 2010 172Jasper 2010 168Jasper 2010 164IMG_5692IMG_0080IMG_3451

Brings to mind a young girl named Mary who so many years ago faced some impossible circumstances. Hard circumstances that resulted in a Saviour Redeemer whose life-death-life means that we can find life in hard places too. Ultimate grace.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Caesura: Impossible?”

    1. Thank you Bettyann – I didn’t fully realize how drawn I was to these images until I went through my old photos. Apparently I have quite a collection of them…


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