Some recent observations…

– lightning in the winter seems rather incongruent for some reason, but I can now vouch for its existence.

– seeing a mama moose kneeling on her front legs to lick a chunk of salty ice is quite hilarious. Gave a whole new meaning to “bums up.”

– having your car washed by moose tongues (mama and her twins) is quite… gross? unique? weird? Still processing that one.

– when the snow is up to a moose’s belly, snowshoes may be a better choice than cross-country skis. I love skiing, but that outing gave a new perspective on the concept of “breaking trail.”

– vegetables taste better than chocolates

– I never get as much done during Christmas break as I plan. I’ve learned to be okay with that.

– differences in age and stages of life are not impediments to rich times of sharing-laughing-rejoicing-crying with other women. So grateful for the young women in my life. And the older ones, too.

contentment is a profound and beautiful word

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