Pondering the Ordinary

Like a perpetual conveyor belt, several months have daily slipped from future, through present, and into the fading twilight of past.  Much has happened in my particular life story during that time, and yet nothing has happened: variations of ordinary disguised in busyness; routine with slight hiccoughs of irregularity; mundane moments made meaningful simply because they exist in the larger context of life.  

These are the places where I live.  And mostly I’m okay with that.  Sometimes I look at other people’s lives and accomplishments and adventures and blessings and I feel extraordinarily ordinary.  Sometimes.  But mostly ordinary suits me quite fine.  

Some of the most profound things can be found in the ordinary.  It’s fun to look for them, to marvel at them, to ponder them.  Here’s a few I found hidden in the crooks and crannies of the past few months:

– every day little birds land and takeoff from my bird feeder at intervals that would put London-Heathrow to shame — and all without any need for air traffic controllers, ground crew or de-icing procedures.  

– millions of virtually weightless and nearly microscopic snowflakes somehow become incredibly weighty when it’s time to shovel them.

– an extra 4 1/2 minutes of light each day somehow seems far more significant than the mere seconds it represents

– a moment of laughter with my husband can encapsulate years of camaraderie

– freshly washed sheets always feel cozy, a cup of hot tea always brings refreshment, and pussy willows are always delightful

– I love you.  Thank you.  I’m sorry.  Simple, ordinary, and profoundly impactful.  I try to use the first two regularly.  I’ve had to use the last one too often…

– frozen, flowing, or falling, water intrigues me in its multifaceted and prolific presence.  It trickles and roars, pelts and caresses, refreshes and destroys…  characteristics akin to spoken words. Interesting.

– clouds add character and texture to the plain blue canvas of prairie sky.  Every day a unique painting is stretched between horizon’s frame.  Sometimes I forget to notice.

– a sincere and loving hug is never ordinary.  Sometimes I forget that I’m not the only one who needs one.

So many truths, delights, mysteries, comforts, and complexities are woven into the tapestry of an ordinary day of an ordinary life.  

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