Gracious goodness and an uninhibited four-year-old

Clearly he didn’t know the rule about never talking to strangers. His cheerful greeting was enthusiastically and immediately followed by, “Guess what I got?”

I looked down from the rack of baby clothes I was perusing in search of a gift for a colleague’s newest family addition. He stood expectantly: blonde hair wildly pointing in all compass directions, hands securely concealed behind his back, blue eyes earnestly seeking my response to his invitation to play the guessing game.  

“Well, I’m really not sure. What did you get?” Of course he didn’t really expect me to know. The fun was in pulling his treasure from its temporary hiding place and displaying it proudly in upraised hands.

“Oh, a Minecraft toy! How fun!”  His grin confirmed that I had portrayed the appropriate amount of enthusiasm.

“Are you a grandma?” Such an innocent question. It stirred some natural longings in my heart. Someday perhaps. But not right now.

“No, I’m not a grandma,” I smiled.

“Are you a mom?” It was the next logical question after all. It stirred and mixed the joy and grief compartments of my mother-heart. 

“Yes, I am a mom.” 

“That’s good.”

Yes. Yes, it is. It is very good. Not a have-a-good-day, looks-like-good-weather-today, or this-tastes-good sort of good. More like the deep, abiding sense of good that comes from knowing that I have been given a gift that I in no way deserve. It is a humbling goodness. A gracious goodness. 


5 thoughts on “Gracious goodness and an uninhibited four-year-old”

    1. You are all missed as well. Friends with hearts that beat to the same rhythms of faith seem far too infrequent. So glad that your heart reflects the love and joy of the One we both seek to serve. Thank you.


  1. How beautiful to read “your mind” in a few blogs here. My dearly missed Charis…. You are a gift to humanity and your family. Thank You God for Charis. May the Joy of the Lord be your strength dear one. My love to you.


    1. My dearly missed Wanda…so grateful for the times we have shared, my friend. And your prayer that the joy of the Lord would be my strength – always an appropriate prayer – is exactly what I needed for this day. Thank you.


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