Thank you stories

As is so often the case, sentences and ideas have been surfacing, floating, eddying in my brain over the past months.  I take so very long to process sometimes.  I knew I wanted to write about several moments of grace that have deeply encouraged me, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to frame them.  And then I read a post by Naomi Zacharias and found the story that inspired her: a perfect frame for my picture of thankfulness for some of the people who have touched my life so far this year. 

Sheri sings a glorious truth to the inbox on my phone and I listen again & again and feel that truth anchor itself deep in my heart. Jo thoughtfully sends a sweet something-other-than-bills to Box 640 and my frayed-at-the-edges day mends itself over a cup of tea. Dean daily fills in the gap of not (ever) having a garage or a dishwasher and I (always) have a warm, snow & frost-free car and clean after-supper dishes. In the middle of a store, Lucas opens his man-child arms wide and gathers me into a love-you-forever embrace. Amanda texts me “How is your week?” and we chat and I absolutely love that we can chat. B emails from a college classroom, thankful for a personable teacher who genuinely cared. C messages (with glee) that she passed her English diploma exam. After a barely-squeaked-by semester, J comments that the most appreciated thing about class was a reasonable teacher who understood that hard life things sometimes outrank schoolwork. C says we need to get together again; our life-journeys have similar themes and it helps when someone can honestly say “I get it.” Brian & Pam come and hang out and we visit, ski, eat, share, and laugh and it’s okay that Alberta beat Northern Ontario. N, S & R allow me to practice being a grandma and I hope it means as much to them as it does to me.  Amazingly, S is still okay with long conversations over hot chocolate/tea and outdoor adventures with an old lady 36 years her senior. K sends a postcard from France. K & L listen over lunch to the realities that still tug, pull and ambush as we attempt to move forward. In everything, God is unchanging, forgiving, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, abounding in love.

Thank you.

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