Love Stories

I once wrote some thank you stories as a way of honouring the ways that people touch my life in the midst of everyday ordinary. Over the past days, as I have been trying to pay more attention to what it really means to live love and live loved, I have begun to see how love continues to weave threads of story into my life:

M &H plus 3 kidlets who call me Aunty and let me pretend to be a grandma come for dinner and we light candles and laugh and snuggle and have a doll-dress fitting session (major hemming needed). Dean still defrosts, desnows, and decolds my car. Every. Single. Morning. CC and I have spoken exactly once on the phone, yet she sends a gift of genuine compassion and protective care. CD paints an image with her words that remind me that I can fully trust God with the broken pieces of my heart. Lucas pauses his day to simply be with us (and then takes home extra bags of pyrogies and the left over chocolate cake.) Dean goes shopping for something else and brings home warm cozy fuzzy soft clothes for me so -30 feels like a delightful hug. R & T send me pink thank you roses and I am overwhelmed at such sensitive graciousness. DH sneaks into the examining room while I wait for the Dr to check out my creaky elbow, taking a few moments from her nursing job just to see how I’m really doing because she knows that creaky elbows are nothing compared to hearts with gaping holes. Amanda sends cookies. I hope they get here soon. She says they are delicious.  

I have lived loved in so many, many ways this past week. Thank you. 

And since love always travels best on two-way streets, I am also trying to be more intentional about how I live love for others. I have so much learn about how to do this well.  

What love stories have been woven into your life recently? 

4 thoughts on “Love Stories”

  1. My husband needed a very expensive upright MRI and it is not covered by medical. We reached out to our old church family and to our new church family to even just help a little. Within two days our old church family had put together nearly the whole amount needed. Our new church family filled the gap. We were and are so loved by the people in our lives. Feeling grateful and overwhelmed at the same time. To purposely love the people around me is my desire.


  2. When my grandfather passed away over a week ago, I was overwhelmed by the care that was extended to me at school. Not only did my friends take time out of their busy study schedules to come give me a hug and just be present with me, but the registrar and student life offices sent their condolences, and along with my professor made it possible for me to come home early to be with my family. Not only did my school bless me beyond words, but they vicariously blessed by family in their care for me and prayers for us.


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