18. View From My Classroom

Being a teacher has hard days.
But today?
Today being a teacher meant

watching grade 12 boys
(as goofy as they come)
write caring, funny, meaningful messages
to our departing librarian.

enjoying a student
(from last semester no less)
randomly pop by to excitedly discuss
a book that deeply moved her.

listening to a student
(with warm tenderness)
share a plan for an essay about
her grandparents facing illness
and falling in love all over again.

seeing the pride and determination
(though sore and exhausted)
of my Block 5 ‘rugby girls’ who
collectively embody Shakespeare’s Hermia
“Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

observing a group conversation
(intelligent, insightful, respectful)
about the nuances of character and class
and setting and symbols
in a classic literary novel.

Today being a teacher meant being
on the front lines of viewing youth who are
And simply amazing.

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