30. On the Writing of 30 Poems

A month of poems
thirty days
of paying attention
and putting words to
the intersection

of animate and inanimate
of abstract and concrete
of ordinary and extraordinary
of life and lives

But the real poetry happens
simply living. 🌿

And so ends my meagre contributions to National Poetry month. I wrote a lot about snow and spring and weather-y stuff. You probably noticed. Relationships and human-y stuff seemed to sneak in there frequently as well. Perhaps to the point of redundancy.

Since my writing generally stays fairly rooted in my observations, musings and experiences, it would be fair to surmise from my poems that April was a month of transitioning (slowly) from winter to spring, of reflecting on human interactions and connections on multiple levels, and of continuing my quest to see and hear God in all of life. It was, as I expected it would be, an interesting journey. And I actually enjoyed it. And I have now officially written more poems in one month than the entire rest of my life.

Thanks for following along. Maybe a poem or two resonated with you.

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