On Cloud 9

Today the sky was bubbling over with cumulus-y clouds and I liked this better than the grey scruffy ones that have been hanging around lately.

But while we were buying weekly groceries, cumulus stealthily morphed into cumulonimbus and torrential rain and hail slashed through sunbeams and gave everything a good old-fashioned soaking. Shoppers and grocery carts clogged the doorway, intimidated by the ferocious barrage of water droplets and all the rumbly-flashy stuff of an angry sky.

To wait or not to wait. That was the question.

We didn’t…

There is something rather glorious and invigorating about running through sunshine and pelting rain-hail while wearing flip flops and pushing a grocery cart. Barefoot would have been even better.

I may have laughed with glee. I did get wet. Quite thoroughly.

I highly recommend this post-grocery-shopping activity.

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