Depending on the moment…

Today I am grateful…

For the hard labour of re-shingling the roof which, depending on the moment included:

  • Scrape-Scrape of shovels strip-shedding the old
  • Blazing Heat scalding feet, zapping energy, and frying brain cells
  • Gusty Wind firing lose shingles like tar&grit projectiles, toppling ladders like stiff wooden soldiers, and forcing roof paper to flap frantically like a flag of surrender
  • Drizzling Rain cooling … dampening… pausing work
  • Bang-Bang, bang-bang-bang staccato of nail guns securing the new
  • Spontaneous Laughter of camaraderie and collaboration
  • Aching Backs & Stiff Legs (no similes or metaphors needed)
  • Relief-Satisfaction that these 3 days equal 25 years (?) of not. even. thinking. about roofs or shingles. Or leaks.

____ 🌿

For living room seating at the annual Bluejays vs Blackbirds turf wars which, depending on the moment included:

  • agile parents in full attack/defence mode performing tactical dive-bombing runs or counter-strike manoeuvres
  • awkward fledglings flop-fluttering for brief stints from one safe zone to another
  • protective parents flashing blue-grey against red-gold-black while screeching their claim on these trees, that patch of ground, this airspace
  • self-absorbed juniors open-beaked, squawking for more-more-more food

Raucous and intense action filled every corner of the window frame. (Amazing how the parents managed to protect, forage, and feed as if this sort of complex multitasking was not nearly as exhausting as it looked)

_____ 🌿

For a new day which, depending on the moment included (so far):

  • a soft morning fog, precursor to the crisp edges of clear-sky brilliance
  • a gentle breeze playing twinkle, twinkle little shadows with the leaves
  • a cluster of sun-loving, sun-imitating garden flowers
  • a comfortable, casual conversation between best friends over his extra hot cup of coffee (Vanilla Hazelnut, two-creams-no-sugar) and her steaming cup of tea (Earl Grey latte, 1% milk-drizzle-of-honey)
  • a worn afghan, a Bible, a notebook, and my heart filled with gratitude

_____ 🌿

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