Giving thanks

Frosty mornings, scarves, and mittens made from thrift-store wool sweaters.

Gold-yellow-orange-red: colours that fall, twirl, loiter on lawns…and emblazon horizons before dusk and at dawn.

Candle-light breakfast, hand-crocheted afghan, wood cookstove, and Earl Grey latte.

Pumpkins and squash and orchard-run apples.

Combines at night: bright-eyed monsters methodically shaving fields down to winter stubble.

Farmers, whose long-day labours fill our tables with abundance.

Quiet conversations, laughter, encouragement, treasured moments with family and friends.


Gaggles of geese with their month-long goodbyes strung across blue-grey skies.

Perpetually cheerful chickadees and comically upside-down nuthatches.

Seasons and rhythms of learning and growing.

Grace upon grace for each new day.

Continually giving thanks because there is never not something to be thankful for.

2 thoughts on “Giving thanks”

  1. I too am thankful each time I read your words and see your heart as you reflect on life. Whether these thoughts bring a smile or a tear, they always pull at my emotions. Keep sharing your wonderful words, they are a blessing to me and many more! Love, Brenda


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