🌿 Thirty

I was 30 once
and I guess I still am
but I’d have to flip back
a few pages to find
that me again.

I had baby #3
when I was 30 and
when he turns 30 too soon
I will be 30 x 2 too old.

30 is a useful middle-ish number.
When you add, subtract,
multiply, divide
it can even tell a story.

30 – 10 = years of living here
30 – 14 = years of teaching,
30 + 8 = years of married life
30 varieties of birds in my yard
30/2 mountain tops I’ve stood on
30 x 260 kilometres riding my bike

So many thirties…

but I can never remember
which months have 30 days and
which have 31

except April

which ends today

on the 30th day
of writing poems.

#30daysofpoetry #day30

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