Saturday Caesura

Years ago I set a goal to write something here each week and created Saturday Caesura as a way of forcing myself to write and of extending an invitation to cease, to pause, and reflect on life in all of its wonder and mess. I lost the habit somewhere in the midst of that mess, but have decided that it’s time to revitalize this weekly reflection.

Yesterday’s Leap Day snowstorm reset the season from Melting-Towards-Spring to Winter-Wonderland-Redux. Today, shovels marched out of sheds and tossed and scraped, searching for familiar pathways and sturdy decks. Blades-on-quads motored to and fro, back and forth, up and down, making way for spring to continue its search for dirt and gravel, the stuff of earth. Gradually the shovels, mildly worn out, wandered across streets to serve as props for leaning conversations; the quadding blades shuffled drivers and puttered off to excavate other driveways. When all the stuff of winter was sufficiently removed and rearranged, everyone drifted back towards houses, sheds, garages — content and grateful.

Neighbourliness isn’t one-size-fits-all, but it sure it looks good on everyone who wears it.

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