☀️Cloudy Stormy Days

A Sunday Doxology

Praise God who hangs clouds in the sky

whether wispy white or slate grey.

You have the wisdom to count them,

power to load them with moisture,

and strength to whisk them far away.

But angry clouds storm around us,

laden with hate, fear, and violence.

Praise to the One who sees this storm

who offers refuge and shelter

who speaks peace to wild raging winds

who stills a storm to a whisper.

Breathe your peace into this storm, too.

Where can we go but to you, the

Maker of clouds — the Prince of Peace.

Where else can we go but to you.

1 thought on “☀️Cloudy Stormy Days”

  1. Thank you, Charis.  It is a perfect doxolgy to the message we just listened to by Dr David Jeremiah, A Shelter in the Storms of Life…based  on the story of Jesus in the boat, in the storm with his disciples. I wanted to tell you when you phoned yesterday,  how much we treasure your Saturday Caesura and Sunday Doxolgy thoughts, but something else came up in our conversation and I forgot! But just know that we are blessed. Thank you! We love you. ⁣

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