☀️ Contentment

A Sunday Doxology

Glory to the God who

invites me to a place of


as a way of living in this

chaotic world,

as a way of choosing calm


over anxiety and angst.

Praise to you, the God who

speaks order into the disordered,

who says, Come.

Live. Move. Have your being


where I am in control.

Still. Always. Forever.

1 thought on “☀️ Contentment”

  1. Hi, just wanted to thank you for these thoughts.  We had just come home from church,  Rick Green has just shared his message from Phil 4:10–13 about contentment.  After church a younger lady who has sometimes had periods of panic attacks, anxiety, angst, asked me how I handled these situations of uncertainty, anxiety, etc. Knowing a bit about her struggles, I couldn’t give her a pat answer because I don’t experience those same issues. Just tried to encourage her from the Psalms…David’s times of anxiety and how he always went back to the worship of his sovereign God whose love endures forever! So all that to say, I forwarded this to her, trusting God will use it to bless and encourage her Thank you, Mom       

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