☀️ For Such a Time as This

A Sunday Doxology

Mordecai to Esther:

Who knows but that you have come

to your royal position

for such a time as this.

Esther to Mordecai:

I will pray and I will go and if I perish,

I perish.

But you, God Most High,

chose to leave your royal position

for such a time as this — this moment

that has been this moment

over and over and over again

because you came for all times

and all moments and all peoples.

You did perish.

But neither death nor time constrains you.

So when I am prone towards despair,

I return again to remember that you

are still present

for such a time as this.

☀️ You may have noticed

A Sunday Doxology / Psalm


how we do what we want when

we should do as you do

and want what you want.

How we act as if you are not present

when you are,

and feel as if we are all alone

when we’re not.

How we seek what should not be sought,

love the wrong things or

the right things in the wrong order.

How we run when we should

stand firm or

sit in comfort when we should


How we chose our own way

when you are The Way,

proclaim our truths when

you alone are The Truth.

Yes, I know you have noticed

all this and more

because there is nowhere we can go

where you are not,

no knowledge or wisdom we may gain

that you do not inhabit.

We are a mess.

You are holy.

Why on earth are you mindful of us?

Never mind.

I know the answer.

And it brings me to my knees.

☀️ Desires

A Sunday Doxology

We sing with expectation of you,

hope of all the earth

dear desire of every nation

joy of every longing heart,

but I wonder —

if we put our hopes, desires, joys

under the microscope of your Word

would we actually find you there?

Or only ourselves with all things

temporal, disordered, misplaced,

marred and scarred,

poor imitations and woeful substitutions

for you.

How tragic that we would choose

such trivialities, trinkets, and travesties

in place of the wonders of your

great, unfailing, eternal love

that reaches to the heavens

and into our hearts.

In repentant praise, we humbly

desire your will.

And yours alone.

☀️ The Silent One

A Sunday Doxology

Praise to you, the Word,

whose words are full of life

and healing, wisdom and


You speak words that cannot

be destroyed by lies or censorship

or even by time.

How amazing it is then,

that before your accusers,

you chose silence.

Not because you were guilty

with no adequate words of defence,

but because you were simply

exercising restraint,

a silent surrender

to fulfilling words already spoken.

Thank you.

☀️ Beginnings

A Sunday Doxology

In the beginning, God…

It all began with you, didn’t it?

You declare,

I am the Alpha and Omega, the

Beginning and the End,

and yet you have neither

end nor beginning

and ever since you commenced creating

you keep on creating, recreating,

beginning again —

initiating new mornings and new moons

forming new and clean hearts

bestowing new names

establishing a new covenant

ushering in a new way into

new birth and new life

beginning again and again and again.

What glorious hope —

a hope that invites me, not to a

monotony of déjà vu

here-we-go-again restarts,

but to a renewed strength that

enables me to run, to walk,

— even to soar —

without growing weary,

without fainting under the strain of all

that has yet to be

redeemed, restored, made new.

☀️ This Love

A Sunday Doxology

Praise and thanksgiving to God on high who made himself low

left his heavenly throne to walk his footstool with feet coated in the dust from which he once formed humanity

set aside a crown of glory to feel the weight of crudely woven thorns sprung from the ground once good now cursed through sin

emptied himself of all the fullness of God which fills heaven and earth to embody love upon a tree of life-giving death

this love so wide and long and high and deep reaches beyond the limits of my understanding, leaves me bereft of words, weeping in gratitude, overwhelmed by grace.

☀️ Time

A Sunday Doxology

I am not a physicist.

I am not capable of even an attempt

at reducing time into complex formulas

and many fellow non-physicists

would scoff when I acknowledge you,

Creator God

for separating light from dark,

for ordering time into units you called

day and night

for establishing their rhythms into

seasons and years.

Time, after all,

belongs to the realm of physics

as something difficult to define

less difficult to measure as

we mark seconds minutes hours weeks

organize into zones

readjust to ‘save’ daylight

worry over waste

fret over scarcity

wish for speed or slowness

according to our whim and fancy,

seeking control when

time is ultimately


You are the one who has taken eternity,

difficult to define and measure,

taken it in your hand

and set it in the human heart

and even with its tug, its longing, its hope,

we cannot begin to fathom all

you have done

from ancient times to what is still to come.

From everlasting to everlasting,

You are God.