☀️Thank You

A Sunday Doxology

“Thank you” seems less than

adequate, less than

enough, less than

what my heart feels

when standing before you,

the God from whom every good thing

is a perfect gift

and nothing you give is less than


If I could say thank you with

sunsets and rainbows and flaming

orange and yellow leaves

and green ones, too,

and blue skies and rain

and crisp white snow…

I would.

But I have only words,

so empty without a corresponding

life of gratitude.

And even the thought of

living out the full depth of

my thanks only confronts me

with my inadequacy, my less than

enough, my amazement when

you still accept me

and my thankful praise.

☀️ The Name

A Sunday Doxology

To the Great I Am —You are Yahweh,

This is your name and you will not yield

Your glory to another.

You spoke creation into being,

Named day and night,

Sky and land and seas

And called them good —

And beyond comprehension or merit

You have called me by name—

Redeemed me. Called me yours.

Hallowed be your name,

The Name above all names.

I praise your name,

For it is good.

☀️ The Seen

A Sunday Doxology

To the One who sees —

how to find enough words to speak

of all you see

when nothing is hidden

not even

in those dark places of our hearts

that ooze out to smother our

communities and nations.

Darkness multiplying darkness.

You see this.

How to speak of the

lonely, the outcast, the

faltering, floundering, failing, the

broken, the defeated.

You see us.

Where have you come from?

Where are you going?

You ask

even though you already know

the answers.

You invite

us to trust that

we are seen and known

as we step into every unseen

and unknown day.

You see us. You see the way.

☀️ Togetherness

A Sunday Doxology

How do I express gratitude enough

to You, the Joiner of two-into-one,

for the gift of a life-companion who

loves You,

loves Your word,

loves Your world,

and graciously loves me, too.

Thank you for shared laughter

and tears,

for iron-sharpening-iron

and peace-finding, problem-solving

commitment and forgiveness

and days and years

and months and minutes

of companionship,

of fellowship so precious.

Grace upon grace.

☀️ Patience

A Sunday Doxology

I humbly praise you,

the God who keeps sending the sun

to open another day

which in your eternal time zone

can span a thousand years

or hold them all contained,

while I fuss over short hours

and lists too long to tick away

and fret over prayer unanswered,

people unchanged,

dreams unrealized.

My understanding of slowness

exposes my impatience.

Yet you continue to ever,

always be forgiving,

gracious and compassionate,

slow to anger,

abounding in love,

rich in kindness, forbearance —


So patient.

☀️ Gifts

A Sunday Doxology

Glory and honour to you, the

God who gives so graciously

all you know we need.

Your storehouses are full

of abundance:

the cattle on a thousand hills

are yours, so too

every animal in the forest,

every bird in the mountains,

every insect in the fields —

all creation an embarrassment

of riches.

You, the Giver,

never a hoarder.

We, the objects of your mercy,

the humble recipients

of gifts indescribable.


A Sunday Doxology

Praise God who forms the hearts 
      of all and sees
the ones that beat too fast,
the ones who are broken, 
     wandering, lonely,
calloused, wounded, 
faint, stubborn,  
     despairing, deceived.

Praise God who can bring healing
     to all these hearts 
        so disordered
        so prone to malfunction.
You make us whole and create in us
     wise, faithful, yielded,
     discerning, obedient,
     joyful, undivided,
     steadfast and secure
that beat to the 
rhythms of 
your own

☀️ Rest

A Sunday Doxology

To the God who offers rest
from the weary weight
  of doing striving becoming,
from the surprising burden
            of emptiness—
Your invitation to come,
    to come
        to come
            to find
rest for our souls,
with a lengthening sweetness,
with a compelling hope,
with the undeserving promise
of your gentle, humble presence.

☀️Considering the Flowers

A Sunday Doxology

Praise to you, the Master Gardener

for believing that flowers should have

a necessary place in creation;

for imagining fantastic colour palettes

and combinations;

for designing leaves and petals with

craftmanship and artistry;

for scattering them throughout fields

over hills and in forests;

for clothing them with a gladness

that bends our heart towards

wonder and worship.