☀️Cloudy Stormy Days

A Sunday Doxology

Praise God who hangs clouds in the sky

whether wispy white or slate grey.

You have the wisdom to count them,

power to load them with moisture,

and strength to whisk them far away.

But angry clouds storm around us,

laden with hate, fear, and violence.

Praise to the One who sees this storm

who offers refuge and shelter

who speaks peace to wild raging winds

who stills a storm to a whisper.

Breathe your peace into this storm, too.

Where can we go but to you, the

Maker of clouds — the Prince of Peace.

Where else can we go but to you.

☀️ Sun Day

A Sunday Doxology

Praise God for the scampering sun

that plays Seek-and-Destroy Shadows

between the trees, behind bushes,

and sprawls across meadows to rest

on sunflowers and dandelions,

then flirts with the fluttering leaves

until they blush, twinkle, and glow.

Yes, from the rising of this sun

to the place where it always sets,

your name, O Lord, is to be praised.

☀️ Feasting

A Sunday Doxology

Praise to the Creator of all—

You fill the skies with birds that sing

and swoop and dive and flit and swim,

but can’t sow or reap or build barns

yet feast on abundant goodness

because you care for each of them.

Of how much more value are we

who walk and work and till the ground,

we who live and move and have breath

because you breathed in us your life,

and ever mindful of us, you

set eternity in our hearts

that we might ever sing your praise

and feast at your table of grace.


A Sunday Doxology

To the God who offers forgiveness

that flows as blood poured out

that purifies to snow white the cursed crimson stain

that knows not the boundaries of east and west

To the forgiving God,

gracious and compassionate,

slow in anger

abounding in love,

be humble gratitude and worship

from one such as I:

broken and wholly without merit.


Isaiah 1:18; Psalm 103:12; Nehemiah 9:17

☀️🌿 Peace

A Sunday Doxology

Praise God of all days,

even days that feel off-kilter,

teeter on the edge of anxiety,

swirl with confusion or despair,

spin with the too-muchness of life;

all praise to this God, the Faithful One,

whose steadfast love reaches

far and wide and deep

and steadies —

steadies my soul,

sets my feet on solid ground,

says, “Peace. Be still.”