18. View From My Classroom

Being a teacher has hard days.
But today?
Today being a teacher meant

watching grade 12 boys
(as goofy as they come)
write caring, funny, meaningful messages
to our departing librarian.

enjoying a student
(from last semester no less)
randomly pop by to excitedly discuss
a book that deeply moved her.

listening to a student
(with warm tenderness)
share a plan for an essay about
her grandparents facing illness
and falling in love all over again.

seeing the pride and determination
(though sore and exhausted)
of my Block 5 ‘rugby girls’ who
collectively embody Shakespeare’s Hermia
“Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

observing a group conversation
(intelligent, insightful, respectful)
about the nuances of character and class
and setting and symbols
in a classic literary novel.

Today being a teacher meant being
on the front lines of viewing youth who are
And simply amazing.

9. Absent

“So, what did I miss in class today?”

Well, a few things actually…

some poems about hands
that were really about relationships

some review of prepositions
that are all about relationships, too

some conversations about literary themes
like ambition and facing hardship-
either one can build or destroy relationships

I guess you (we) missed a chance for relationship today.

Glad you are back.